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Thought for the day 25 April

Exercise. There is an old saying about a healthy mind in a healthy body (mens sana in corpore sana) that recognises the link between physical and mental well-being. We have our hour a day, when some walk and some cycle. For some it is maybe more exercise than they were used to taking daily, for others (used to the gym, football etc) it will be less. Some people are shielded and can’t go out to exercise (though some are supposed to do so following heart surgery or joint replacements); and some families may find it difficult to enable children and teenagers to burn off their excess energy. Though we may feel self-conscious doing it, and though it may be hard to keep up the motivation, exercise at home is important, for all sorts of reasons.

Lord, help us to take exercise, and not just sit around all day. Help us to encourage others to exercise (without sounding bossy!)

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