About the Church of Scotland in Dumbarton

Following a number of changes to the Presbytery of Dumbarton’s plan for the area it was decided that the three congregations within the town of Dumbarton (St Andrews, Riverside and The West Kirk) should be linked with a view to some form of union at a future date. This triple linkage was completed on 17th January 2018 at a Presbytery service of linkage and induction. The Rev. Ian Johnson is the minister for all three congregations. He leads our ministry team which now includes Development Worker Marie Clare Dungavell and Pastoral Assistant Maureen Burke.


Under normal circumstances worship would be continuing at each of the three parish churches in Dumbarton, but due to Covid-19 church services are restricted. Follow our regular Sunday service using the links below:

Click on the title/date to view the full service of worship.

Thought for the Day

Since the start of the Corona Virus Lockdown in mid-March the Minister has been publishing daily thoughts and prayers. The most recent ones are listed here:

  • Thought for the day 16 June
    16   The Government’s Committee on Climate Change has issued a report warning of the need to prepare for the impact of climate change over the rest of the century – looking at issues such as flooding risk and rising average and peak temperatures. Some of us may take the …

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  • Thought for the day 15 June
    15 The media are full of comments about the easing/ending of Covid restrictions following the Prime Minister’s statement yesterday and the Scottish Clinical Director’s remarks. For most of us restrictions can be frustrating, though we have grown used to many of them, and we can feel uncomfortable if someone without …

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  • Thought for the day 10 June
    10 Among the characteristics of the countries represented at the G7 are commitment to liberal democracy, respect for human rights and separation between government and the justiciary.  The freedoms that we enjoy (even during lockdown!) we so often take for granted – but there are millions (perhaps even billions) of …

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  • Thought for the day 9 June
    9 All countries have taken a hit to their economies during the pandemic, usually with the most vulnerable being most affected. Will the G7 leaders talk about how the wealthy democracies can assist poorer and middle income countries to rebuild their economies? Will they express concern that more authoritarian countries …

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  • Thought for the day 8 June
    8 One of the topics for the G7 agenda is considering how to co-ordinate a global response to any subsequent  pandemics. It’s a laudable and necessary aim, having seen the highs and lows of the global response to Covid-19. Perhaps they might like to talk about: i) how to make …

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  • Vaccination Thanksgiving
    A message from the Moderator of the General Assembly:  

  • General Assembly 2021

    The General Assembly starts today. You can follow the proceedings online:


  • Lent Studies

    On Zoom

    • Thursdays 25 February – 25 March 10.30-11.30am


    • Tursdays 25 February – 25 March 7.30-8.30pm

    Theme: Getting to know each other

    • 25 Feb Human bingo
    • 4 Mar Desert island hymns
    • 11Mar Sharing our stories
    • 18 Mar Understanding different generations
    • 25 Mar What do I call you? 
  • Lent Lunches

    On Zoom

    • Thursdays 25 February – 30 March. 12noon-12.45pm
    • Bring along your lunch and chat to others online.
    • Short reflection at the end
    • contact the minister for the link

  • Lent and Easter Activities for Younger Members

    Building on the Mary, Joseph and the Donkey approach in Advent, Marie Claire is planning to make some decorated stones with symbols associated with the Easter story, and hide them around Dumbarton. Pictures will appear on Facebook, people will be encouraged to look for them and make their own stones to add to the collection. Copies will be shared with schools. Further details will be given in the ‘notices’ in a Sunday service, and on the Facebook pages



This is the joint website for Dumbarton: St Andrews, Dumbarton: Riverside and Dumbarton: West Kirk.
Due to the challenges of the Corona Virus COVID-19 and the need to do as much as possible online we are combining our efforts on this page to avoid duplication and to streamline our efforts around worship, Bible readings, prayer and wider community support.

Further details about the three Church of Scotland parishes in Dumbarton can be found below: