About the Church of Scotland in Dumbarton

Following a number of changes to the Presbytery of Dumbarton’s plan for the area it was decided that the three congregations within the town of Dumbarton (St Andrews, Riverside and The West Kirk) should be linked with a view to some form of union at a future date. This triple linkage was completed on 17th January 2018 at a Presbytery service of linkage and induction. The Rev. Ian Johnson is the minister for all three congregations. He leads our ministry team which now includes Development Worker Marie Clare Dungavell and Pastoral Assistant Maureen Burke.


Under normal circumstances worship would be continuing at each of the three parish churches in Dumbarton, but due to Covid-19 church services are restricted. We are now running joint services from one church with video streaming to the other two and for those who can watch from home – follow our regular Sunday service or watch on our YouTube channel using the links below:

  • Sunday Worship, 18 October 2020
    Contents: Welcome; Hymn Great is thy faithfulness; All age time; Prayer; Reading Matthew 22: 15-22; Hymn I, The Lord Of Sea And Sky; Reflection; Prayer for others; Hymn We Have A Gospel To Proclaim; Blessing
  • Songs of Praise October 2020
    Welcome to our online Songs of Praise for October 2020. We cannot sing in church at the minute, but hopefully these YouTube links will enable you to sing along at home to some of your favourite hymns. Numbers given are for Church Hymnary 4th Edition

Click on the date above to view the full service of worship.

Thought for the Day

Since the start of the Corona Virus Lockdown in mid-March the Minister has been publishing daily thoughts and prayers. The most recent ones are listed here:

  • Thought for the day 22 October
    22 October At the start of the pandemic in the Spring there was a definite sense that ‘we are all in this together’. Does that sense of unity across and within the nations of Britain still exist? Is there full co-operation between the different authorities within Britain and its constituent …

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  • Thought for the day 21 October
    21 October Trafalgar Day The anniversary of the naval battle against the combined French and Spanish navies has long been commemorated by the Royal Navy. The details may not particularly concern us now – especially as France and Spain are now allies – but it gives us a focus to …

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  • Thought for the day 20 October
    20 October World Statistics Day Do you ever listen to a group of politicians, ‘experts’, ‘scientists’, campaigners or the like arguing over something (Covid-19, general health, climate change, unemployment, poverty or whatever) and as your eyes glaze over with confusion, think’ “But you aren’t comparing like with like, it’s apples …

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  • Thought for the day 19 October
    19 October After a period of dry, fairly still weather, with a number of sunny days – so that we could enjoy the Autumn colours – we’re back to wind and rain. Younger people find such days great fun, when they put on their wellies and go splashing in the …

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  • Thought for the day 17 October
    International Day for the Eradication of Poverty Poverty is a major issue around the world: five years ago it was estimated that there were 736m people, mainly in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, living on less than US$1.9/ day. That has probably increased. Poverty affects ability to access food (especially …

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  • Thought for the day 16 October
    World Food Day Organised by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, World Food Day calls for ‘global solidarity to help all populations, and especially the most vulnerable, to recover from the [Covid-19] crisis, and to make food systems more resilient and robust so they can withstand increasing volatility and climate …

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  • Moderator’s note to all Clyde congregations 6 September 2020

    Last Tuesday, the former Presbyteries of Dumbarton and Greenock & Paisley united to form Clyde Presbytery. I have the honour of being its first Moderator.

    For many years people across the Church of Scotland have felt that the Church’s structure – designed for circumstances pertaining 40-50 years ago – needs to be overhauled drastically to meet the very different world of the 2020s and beyond. The creation of Clyde Presbytery is part of a wider programme of change across the Church of Scotland – a programme that will probably be extended and speeded up to reflect the challenges and opportunities arising from the Coronavirus pandemic.

    The union of the two Presbyteries, and the changes that will in time flow from it, are designed to refocus the role of Presbytery: instead of primarily having an administrative function, it will in future provide congregations with support in a variety of ways. It will take time for Clyde Presbytery to settle into its new role and for new support staff to be recruited (not helped by the limitations in place thanks to the pandemic).

    To the Minister or Interim Moderator, Kirk Session, Office-bearers, members and the wider church family of your congregation, I bring the greetings and good wishes of Clyde Presbytery. We give God thanks for all that you have been doing over recent months to continue his work in your congregation and community, and pray for his continued blessing on you as you continue striving to do his work.

    Ian Johnson

    Moderator Clyde Presbytery

  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde – COVID-19 Mobile Testing Unit – Dumbarton

    Please pass this information onto anyone that might be interested:

    A new mobile testing unit, will be located at the Meadows Centre, Meadows Road, Dumbarton from 03/09/20. The centre will operate on alternate days including weekends & testing will be available by booking an appointment through NHS Inform.





    Communities Project Worker – Communities Team

    Housing & Employability

    West Dunbartonshire Council

  • Formation of Clyde Presbytery

    Service of union of Dumbarton presbytery with Greenock and Paisley presbytery at 7:00pm Tuesday 1st September 2020. Stream will start at 6:30pm

    A small quorum will meet in Renfrew North Church on 1st September at 7.00pm to constitute the new Clyde Presbytery. Watch from home on the live stream.

    The creation of the new Clyde Presbytery is part of a plan by the wider Church of Scotland and the congregations in the area to reshape the Church’s structure to make it more suited to the needs of the 2020s and beyond.

    For our minister, who has the honour of being its first Moderator, it brings together three parts of his life: he was baptised in Paisley, licensed by the Presbytery of Dumbarton, and ordained by the Presbytery of Greenock.

    1st September at 7.00pm

This is the joint website for Dumbarton: St Andrews, Dumbarton: Riverside and Dumbarton: West Kirk.
Due to the challenges of the Corona Virus COVID-19 and the need to do as much as possible online we are combining our efforts on this page to avoid duplication and to streamline our efforts around worship, Bible readings, prayer and wider community support.

Further details about the three Church of Scotland parishes in Dumbarton can be found below: