Thought for the day 16 June


The Government’s Committee on Climate Change has issued a report warning of the need to prepare for the impact of climate change over the rest of the century – looking at issues such as flooding risk and rising average and peak temperatures. Some of us may take the line ‘well, I’ll not be here then to worry about it’, but our young folk will be, and may curse us if we do nothing to make life easier for them. It may be that Dumbarton will not be recording temperatures in the high 30s and 40s, but we may face challenges from increased rainfall and flooding (not to mention rising sea levels). While so much focus is rightly on the immediate impact of Covid 19 on our lives and livelihoods, let’s not forget the longer term issues associated with climate change  


Lord, we are fortunate to have such lovely scenery around us. Help us to care for it, both for the present and for future generations 

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