Thought for the day 18 June


There was an attempt at a record-breaking run by the Royal Scot from London Euston to Glasgow Central yesterday, but it failed by 21 seconds. We may never have been anywhere near a world record or any other kind of record, but we can probably identify with missing something by a very narrow margin. Maybe we have missed the bus/ train/ ferry by 21 seconds or fewer. Maybe we just missed out on passing an exam, or bidding for a house, or being elected to some body, or winning some competition. Losing can be hard, but there are times when we can also legitimately look at what we did achieve, and be proud of it – we tried our hardest, we gave of our best. Even if we didn’t try our hardest, we can still learn that maybe next time if we do, then the outcome could be different 


Lord, help us to cope with setbacks and defeat. When we have done our best, help us to recognise our achievement. When we haven’t done our best, help us to recognise the need to put in more effort. Help us never to see ourselves, or anyone else, as ‘failures’ 

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