Thought for the day 19 June


Nil-nil, the result of last night’s football match. Although no goals were scored, commentators (paid or ‘expert fans’) regard it as a Scottish victory, because they played a better game and were at an ‘away’ ground. Much as fans of any sport will enjoy a good game, well played, whoever wins, when it is a traditional ‘enemy’ then there is a visceral hope that the other side will be soundly trounced. It’s a feeling that is often not confined to the sporting environment. We can see it in the world of politics (between and within parties, between countries), and we probably all have stories of it relating to business or wherever we work, and maybe even within families and between neighbours too. There is probably plenty of scope for PhD theses on whether it is to the good of society at large that such sentiments are confined to, and worked out in, the sporting environment. But does it help create a better world if ‘grinding their face in the mud’ extends to all other aspects of life? 


Lord, help us to handle the negative feelings we have about other people. Help those in positions of power – in politics, in business or wherever – to handle their negative feelings, to accept differences, and work for inclusive communities. Help us in the hard task of trying to bring hostile individuals or groups together 

PS Now that we are seeing a general easing of Covid-related restrictions, we are looking at how we take Thought for the day forward. As a first step we will, from next week, drop the daily picture, which started last year to remind people confined to their house or flat what the wider world looked like

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