Thought for the day 24 June


Local schools are due to close today for the summer holidays. It has been a tough year in many ways for staff and pupils. Well done for all you’ve been doing. The local community really appreciate it. We hope you feel the benefit of the summer break, and we express our good wishes to those who are trying to provide support through the summer for those who need extra help 


Lord, we acknowledge and give thanks for school leadership teams, teachers, parents/carers and pupils who have struggled through this challenging year. Despite all the effort they have put in to getting through this year, some pupils will not be where they hoped to be, or where they might have been expected to be. Help them, and those seeking to give on-going support, to be able to do that ‘catch-up’ and realise their potential. As we hope they all have a good summer, and have a chance to relax and ‘re-charge their batteries’, we remember those for whom summer holidays were already a challenge, and ask for help for those seeking to provide support for them 

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