Thought for the day 28 June


The change in English Secretary of State for Health and Social Care over the weekend attracted wall-to-wall headline coverage in the media. When commenting on the story it must be remembered that behind it lies private pain for the families affected, and that must be acknowledged and respected. The story does however underline the pain felt by the wider community who have lived through the last fifteen months – some suffering from Covid, some losing family or friends to it, some who have really struggled to adhere to guidelines and restrictions, and some who have suffered badly from the impact of them – and their expectation that leaders should lead by example. Maybe it’s a reminder to all of us, especially those who hold some position of leadership, that other people look at what we do and have expectations of how we should act. Maybe it’s a reminder to be careful how and when we criticise others. 


Lord, none of us are perfect. We all make mistakes, we all fall short of what we know we can do/should do, and what other people expect of us. Help us to remember that when we start criticising others. Help us also to try to live out what we say 

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