Thought for the day 29 June


There are reports that education officials in England, Scotland and Wales are reviewing for the new school year the need for all children in a class/ year group to isolate if one of them tests positive for Covid. Reviewing is not the same as deciding, but if it is feasible to make the change then it would probably be of great benefit to many parents/carers, and businesses, and maybe to many teachers too. But there may be some for whom there is a perceived risk of spreading infection, and who would be anxious about such a change. Moving out of restrictions will be a challenging process, and we will have to learn that people are not travelling back to ‘normal’ at the same speed 


Lord, we appreciate the prospect of easing of restrictions, but we know that many are anxious about it. Help us to support people as they cope with the easing, being sensitive to their anxieties and fears 


PS In the light of potential easing of restrictions we are reviewing the future format of our online posts including Thought for the day. The current Thought for the day posts will finish tomorrow, and then we will bring the new format online after the summer 

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