Thought for the day 21 June


With the rapid roll-out of vaccinations and data suggesting significant protection offered by two doses, the future looks hopeful. On the other hand, there is still transmission of the virus – including in some who have been vaccinated – and though the risk of it being fatal is believed to be much lower in people who have been vaccinated and among younger people, there is still worry about ‘long Covid’ and other side effects. It is noteworthy that health experts are talking today about the need to prepare for a booster vaccination campaign in the Autumn, alongside flu vaccinations. Things may be looking brighter than they were a few months ago, but it seems we are far from being rid of Covid 


Lord, we are grateful for all that has been done to tackle the Covid pandemic, and to try to restore ‘normality’ to life. There are still issues and questions for the future. As we look forward, and long to be able t

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