Thought for the day 12 May

Christian Aid Scotland Week

Reflect: Florence lives in Kyeng’e village, in a dry part of Kitui county in Kenya. Her community built a dam with help from Christian Aid’s partner, Anglican Development Services – Eastern. The water in the dam is helping her to change her life. ‘I have been sustained by the earth dam. My life has changed. It has helped me to start beekeeping, plant a garden and keep chickens because the water is nearby.’ Everything in Florence’s story is interconnected, just like the world we live in. With water in the dam, bees pollinate Florence’s flowers and she sells the honey. In the midst of stories of the climate crisis, we find glimmers of hope that adaptation is possible.

Respond: How will you, your church and community respond to the climate emergency affecting our global neighbours?

God who called the stars into being, challenge, awaken and inspire us to raise our voices with the cry of the Earth, the prophets throughout history, and the prophets of today, in our call for justice: climate justice for all.

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