Thought for the day 18 May

It is very easy to think that the only thing happening in the world at the minute is Covid-19- it’s all you hear about in the News. But there are other things that affect many people’s lives – climate change, poverty, difficulty accessing clean water/ safe sanitation/ education/ health care, warfare, prejudice/ discrimination/ hatred of minorities, lack of respect for human rights, abuse, living as refugees/ internally displaced people, unemployment, unsafe working conditions etc etc. Covid-19 has come on top of all these issues, exacerbating many of them, both here and overseas. Even when (if?) Covid-19 goes away these other issues will still be there – and in many cases will be worse. Let’s remember them, pray for those affected, those trying to help, and use our voice to work for change.

Thanks to all who supported Christian Aid week. Well done Andrew with your sponsored walks (£695 before Gift Aid, £855 after)

Lord, help us to see beyond our own particular problems and challenges to the depth of need on our doorstep, and right round the world. We pray for all who are in need, and those working to help them. Help us too to find our voice and use it to demand action

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