Thought for the day 22 May

Yesterday the Scottish Government issued a paper outlining four phases for the easing of lockdown restrictions (you can download a copy – only 46 pages!) It gives us a better idea of whether we can resume doing things sooner or later. For some people the question is not ‘What?’ but ‘When?’, with regard to going back to school/work, meeting with friends, giving Granny a hug etc. The dates are vague because timings depend on keeping the infection rate low – something hoped for, but not guaranteed. Living with uncertainty, with not knowing ‘When?’, is always difficult (see yesterday’s Bible reading about the Ascension). Hard as it can be, sometimes it is better not to know what lies ahead, but to cope with it when it comes, and instead focus on making the most of ‘Today’.

Lord. Thank you that we now have a ‘road map’ for the easing of restrictions. Many are weary of lockdown. Help us to keep going. Help us too to live with uncertainty, with not knowing the answer to ‘When?’. Help us to make the most of today – not just for ourselves, but for others.

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