Thought for the day 15 June

A few weeks ago roads were very quiet, and people only went out for a short time each day. Now we can go out for longer, and on the whole the weather has been favourable for going out for longer. Many people seem to be walking or cycling, which is good for both physical and mental well-being, but at times it becomes hard to maintain the 2m social distancing. Areas of grass have become extra ‘pavements’, and sometimes one party has to walk in the road (but that isn’t always safe, with more cars etc about). With the possibility that we will hear this week about plans for re-opening more shops and businesses soon, will we hear too about plans to improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists to maintain social distancing?

Lord, we want people to be safe from Covid-19. We also want them to be safe from traffic accidents. Help those with responsibility for such things to come up with practical, creative ways for addressing both

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