Thought for the day 27 June

Today is Armed Forces Day, when the country is encouraged to think about, and show its appreciation for, our Armed Forces. Usually there will be events around the country to mark it, and Dumbarton hosts it for West Dunbartonshire Council from time to time. No events this year because of the virus, but still an opportunity to think about the service personnel and their families. Different people may have different opinions on the tasks the military are deployed to do, but the men and women in the military are human beings like the rest of us. Some join up because life has not been good for them, and they want a new start; some encounter traumas that leave them mentally scarred, if not physically scarred; many experience long periods away from home and family; some experience difficulty in adjusting to civilian life when they are demobbed. We’re thinking of you, we appreciate you

Lord, we pray for all who are part of the armed forces, and their families. Support them through their hard times. Guide those who deploy and lead them to use them to bring peace and justice to your world, and to think of their personal needs too

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