Thought for the day 24 July

Yesterday the Prime Minister was in Scotland, and there was the inevitable discussion about the nature of the relationship between Scotland and its neighbours. Relationships between countries have been much in the news lately: with China, with Russia, with America, with the European Union (to name but a few). All of these relationships have an impact on our lives, but there is not a lot that we can do about them (well, apart from praying!). There are other relationships that affect us, and of which we may be more aware on a daily basis: with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues. Sometimes it can be easy to let relationships slide, to let little niggles grow, to sit on our dignity and insist that it is up to them to do or say something next. Are any of our relationships like that? What can we do to improve them? Or keep them on a good footing?

Lord, we live in a world that we share with others. Not all are easy to live with, but life is better if we try. Help us to work at all relationships. We pray too for relationships between countries and different communities

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