Thought for the day 7 July

Ideas have been drip-fed, and the media are speculating, about what the Chancellor will say tomorrow regarding measures to protect/ stimulate the economy. Statistics, prices and interest rates are quoted, but at the end of the day it comes down to people, their livelihoods, money to pay for basic necessities, a sense of well-being rooted in job satisfaction. Let’s hope that amid all the strategic thinking and planning there is also recognition that people’s lives and well-being are at stake

Lord, trying to manage and develop an economy is hard at any time, but especially at the moment, after months of lockdown, the loss of many jobs and fears for the future of others. We pray that those who are making the decisions will have the wisdom and compassion they need, and that those who have lost their jobs/ job opportunities/ income, or who are at risk of losing them, will receive the support they need

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