Thought for the day 20 August

The sunny is shining, but it’s windy and there are some bad headlines today (rises in Covid cases, young person drowned in Channel, worries over the economy, education etc). Or should it be ‘it’s windy and there are some bad headlines today (rises etc), but it is sunny – at the moment’? How do we see life: positively, but with challenges; or negatively, though with glimmers that say it isn’t all bad? If we are in the second group, is there anything we can do to improve our perception of life? If we know someone who views life that way, what can we do (without being interfering busy-bodies) to help them?

Lord, you never promised that life would be easy, but you promised to help us through it. Be with those who are finding it very tough. Help us to do what we can to support them

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