Thought for the day 25 August

Another day, another storm. There will no doubt be flooding, travel disruption, alterations to plans that people had made for today. Sort of echoes the impact of Covid-19. A reminder to us that we cannot control nature, or make it fit our plans – we must bend to its dictates. Yet with thought, planning and financial investment we can adapt our lives to cope with bad weather and its effects – we can even take steps to avoid seriously bad weather becoming worse in the long run. Shows us how we can handle the virus too

Lord, we need wind and rain as well as sun, even if we don’t always like them. They can devastate life, but often we could have taken steps to avoid them doing so – if we had planned ahead properly, and been willing to spend the money at the right time. So it is with the virus. Help us to treat nature with respect and be ready to take the right steps, and make the right investments – and not postpone important decisions

PS maybe today’s picture is pertinent! Let’s remember lifeboat crews and others who put themselves in danger for the sake of helping people in need

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