Thought for the day 27 August

We are planning for worship resuming in one of the church buildings on Sunday. I’m sure it will be an experience that many businesses, schools etc will understand only too well. 59 pages of guidance to follow from the Church of Scotland, preparation of Risk Assessments and protocols, installing sanitisers and signage, Trace and Protect and GDPR etc etc. It is all very necessary, but it is a headache. Much of Jesus’ ministry happened outside. St Columba and the Celtic monks often preached to people in the open air. The Covenanters used to meet on the moors and hills. Maybe we should just meet up outside (only joking, and there restrictions on numbers meeting up outside!)

Lord, help all those who are trying to ensure their buildings meet the current guidelines on opening to the public during this time. Help us too to remember that there are many times in the past when your church has been able to survive – and even grow – without buildings

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