Thought for the day 29 August

There was a headline in a newspaper this morning that some militant atheists are planning to use the proposed ‘hate speech’ law against religious groups. Whether it is true, whether it would lead to convictions, we cannot know – it may be speculation. But it is a reminder to those who are of the Christian tradition that the primary authority on behaviour for us is Jesus’ words about how we should live, and how we should treat others. Love your neighbour, love one another – where love means care and concern in action. Writers from Paul to James, to the Book of Proverbs, warn of the need to curb the tongue and say only what is helpful and up-building.  So even if the reported threat were to be carried out, if our words and our actions reflect the teaching of Jesus, there is nothing to fear

Lord, help us to love our neighbour, and help us to speak only words that Jesus would want us to speak

PS Next week we conclude our trip ‘Doon the watter’ with a visit to Culzean

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