Thought for the day 8th August

The Bank of England Governor has said that the anticipated recession may not be as bad as was feared – but it still sounds pretty bad. For those affected in terms of lost jobs, job opportunities, income it is awful – individuals, families, communities. It is easy to talk in terms of statistics, graphs and trends, but life involves real people, their hopes, their dreams, their fears, their despair. Let’s hope and pray that policy-makers everywhere think about the people affected by their actions

Lord, we do not have the skills or abilities to run a country or economy, but we can see life around us, and the fears and worries of people just like us. We pray that decision-makers will understand what life is like for ordinary people, think about how their actions will affect them, and respond accordingly

PS Next week we will cross over to Cumbrae – go on the car ferry, walk round the island, and take the steamer back from MIllport

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