Thought for the day 17 September

Q1 What is your favourite British/ Scottish food? Q2 What is your favourite café or restaurant selling British/ Scottish food? Sometimes it is hard to say what our ‘favourite’ is as there are a number of possible answers. There may not be fairs or markets to showcase British or locally grown produce this year, but we can express appreciation for the things we like, and remember those growing or preparing foodstuffs, and those in the hospitality sector facing great challenges

Lord, we give thanks for all our favourite British/ Scottish foodstuffs. We pray for those who grow or prepare them, who may be facing financial pressures this year. Similarly, as we give thanks for our favourite ‘eating venues’, we remember those in the hospitality sector facing challenges too

Many legends grew up around St Serf, but there is no real evidence about his life or work. He is usually associated with areas around Fife – Culross, Loch Leven and Dunning in Perthshire. Some traditions say that he was of Mediterranean/ Arab origin. Some link him with St Thenew (St Enoch) and St Mungo – making him foster-father of Glasgow’s patron saint. Usually churches dedicated to St Serf are found around the Forth, but the Mediaeval Cardross Parish Church (in Levengrove Park) was dedicated to him.

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