Thought for the day 19 September

West Dunbartonshire Doors Open Day

Today should have been West Dunbartonshire’s Open Doors Day. But like all other similar events this September, and many other events over the last 6 months, it isn’t happening this year. We do have a spell of dry and sunny weather at the moment, so even if we can’t go and appreciate the heritage around us from the inside, we can appreciate it from the outside. Many of us have to watch where we are putting our feet, so that we don’t trip, but it is often fascinating to look up at a building’s upper stories or roofline. And if you look up, you might see hills, or trees, or birds flying, or someone’s face, or eyes, or smile..

Lord, we cannot ignore where we put our feet, or we’re liable to trip up. But if we only ever look at our feet, there is so much that we can miss, and so much that we can give – our smile could mean so much to a person on their own. Help us to appreciate the world around us, and give thanks for what we have instead of dwelling on what we can’t do

Viking siege and sacking 871: From the late 8th century Vikings from Denmark and Norway regularly attacked sites across Great Britain and Ireland (including Iona), looking for treasure and slaves. They established various settlements in the Western Isles and Argyll, and major bases in Ireland (especially Dublin).In 870-1, while a large Danish army was rampaging around England, two Dublin-based commanders, Ivarr the Boneless and Olaf the White, led a siege on Dumbarton. Because of (unusually) dry weather the fort on the Rock had to surrender. It is said that the Vikings took away 200 longships of loot.

PS Next week we embark on a Three Lochs Tour – Lomond, Katrine and Leven

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