Thought for the day 22 September

22 September Autumn Equinox

The beginning of Autumn, and news full of warnings about tighter restrictions as Covid case numbers rise. How will we respond? Will we become gloomy and focus on what we can’t do, on shorter, colder, wetter days? Or will we accept the restrictions and look forward to Autumn colours, smells and light? Have we memories of the smells of jam and chutney being made, or maybe Granny’s apple pie? Can we remember rhymes we learned to go guising, or costumes that we wore? What about our friends, family and neighbours, how are they feeling? What can we do to help them? Often in doing something to help someone else we help ourselves, and realise how much we are needed

Lord, Autumn can bring glorious colours, or grab, wet, grey. All are part of the rich tapestry of this world that we live in, and the beautiful scenery around us. Help us to cope with the hard times. Help us not to sit around moping, but think outside and beyond ourselves, to friends, family and neighbours and see what we can do to support them

The Great Cause, Wallace & Bruce 1297-1329: 

Alexander’s son, Alexander III, died in 1286, plunging the country into crisis. His only direct heir was his grand-daughter Margaret of Norway. She died on her way to Scotland. Leading families competed for the crown, and appealed to Edward of England to adjudicate. He saw an opportunity to assert his authority in Scotland, and did it heavy-handedly.

William Wallace led the Scots opposed to English rule. He defeated the English at Stirling Bridge, but was defeated at Falkirk. He was captured, imprisoned (at Dumbarton?), taken to London and executed. Bruce changed sides several times before being crowned king in 1306. Through guerrilla warfare and open battles Bruce defeated the English and the anti-Bruce Scots culminating in the Battle of Bannockburn. He died at his manor of Cardross in 1329. His internal organs were buried in St Serf’s Church.

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