Weekly Prayer Diary

Week beg: 6 September – Returning life to normal?

  • We give thanks for progress made in the fight against the Coronavirus and remember, with deep appreciation, the sacrifices made by many in our communities over the past months to keep us, loved ones, and neighbours safe.

  • We ask for God’s protection over the whole of Dumbarton as we return to work, school and Church. And, pray that the recent reintroduction of lockdown measures will prove successful and will be lifted as soon as reasonably possible.

  • That shops and local businesses adversely affected by lock-down would be able to bounce back. That jobs would be protected and, even that the local economy would grow.

  • We give thanks that our congregations were able to begin meeting face to face – all be it with masks, social distancing and fewer numbers. We know the months ahead still pose many challenges – we pray for wisdom and safety as we manoeuvre our way through this time of crisis.

  • We pray for those still isolating and cut off from social activities due to poor health – may they feel comforted in knowing we have not forgotten them. Guide us to show our love and care for them in practical ways.

  • Help us to create safe ways to involve many people in the life of our congregation through the use of technology. We are thankful that we have so many opportunities to meet up virtually. Help us to be open to learning new skills so that we can thrive and grow deeper in our faith and fellowship with one another.

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