Thought for the day 3 October

St Francis

Francis of Assisi (11181/2-1226) is often pictured preaching to the birds. Some then and now consider him as ‘away with the birds’ – but it is perhaps worth noting that Pope Innocent III (probably the most powerful pope ever in terms of political and military power) saw something special in Francis and gave him permission to carry out his work. Francis believed that his faith required him to renounce power, wealth and might, all things which church leaders at the time saw as hallmarks of their positions. Significantly, during the Fifth Crusade, Francis sought an audience with the Sultan to try to negotiate peace (unsuccessfully). Francis is usually associated with animals and pets

Lord, it is so easy to feel we need power, wealth and might to change the world, and bring in peace and justice for all. The idea of seeing strength and power in weakness, humility and service is hard to take on board. Thank you for all who do serve others graciously and generously. Help us to do that. Thanks too for our furry, feathered and fishy friends

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