Thought for the day 10 November

10 November

The scientists working for the pharmaceutical company, the stock markets and most of the press are euphoric about the development of Pfizer’s vaccine. But when the Prime Minister sounds a cautious note about it (given his more usual style) then there’s reason to pause and reflect. It is good that the vaccine trials seem to have been positive, and that it is possible that a vaccination programme could begin fairly soon. There are, however, a lot of bridges still to cross, and other vaccines to consider. It would be great if many of the Covid-related restrictions on life could disappear next year, but it may be that some will have to remain in force  – even if we are all vaccinated. That may be a hard message for governments to have to put out. Let’s hope the media etc listen carefully to what is said


Lord, thank you for the skill and dedication of the scientists working on vaccine trials, and for the volunteers who have taken part in those trials. Thank you for the encouragement that we may be able to move beyond the current way of living sometime next year. But help us always to keep in mind current advice on ways to avoid catching or spreading the disease.


PS Tomorrow, for Armistice Day, there will be a short scripted service on the website , which can be accessed by clicking the link


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