Thought for the day 17 November

17 November

All the noises off suggest that an announcement will be made today saying that we are going to move to Tier 4. Some will be worried that their business will have to close, others that their job will disappear. For some the run-up to Christmas is their main time for sales. Getting through November in Tier 3 was hard enough for many, moving to Tier 4 will create even greater stress. And yet infection rates are not going down significantly, so the government has to do something. We all like to think we could run the country better than the politicians (of whichever political hue), but aren’t we glad that we don’t have to take tough decisions affecting life and livelihoods, physical and mental health for so many people?


Lord, we pray for governments here and around the world wrestling with these competing issues, give them wisdom and understanding. We remember all whose businesses may have to close, those who may lose their jobs, and those struggling with the mental health issues associated with ‘restrictions’ and this time of the year. Help us to help those who find it hard to adhere to the guidelines


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