Thought for the day 20 November

20 November World Children’s Day

Established by the UN 66 years ago, it was on this day in later years that it adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention on Rights of the Child. Both are recognised in our education system, and in other parts of public life. It is part of the drive for all countries and cultures to recognise that everyone (particularly those in vulnerable groups) have rights to be accepted and valued for who they are, and not treated as less important. At times it is an uphill battle: some countries do not accept ‘universal human rights’, others officially recognise them but in practice don’t apply them. Children are one such ‘vulnerable’ group.  As parents, grandparents, teachers etc would say, they are fun, exhausting and challenging, with a different perspective on life. They are also vulnerable in many ways and need protection for their own safety. Let’s celebrate our children today, and express our appreciation for all who work with them to keep them safe, and who help them to achieve their potential


Lord, thank you for children, for their enthusiasm, fun, fresh outlook on life. We pray for them all, and especially the ones that we know. We pray too for all who work with children in whatever way – give them stamina, give them wisdom, help them to keep children safe and to achieve their potential


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