Thought for the day 23 November

23 November

There is much in the media today about Christmas being ‘saved’. We know what they mean – the ‘usual’ sort of midwinter festivities. It won’t be exactly the same as in previous years, as Christmas markets were cancelled some months ago; pantomimes, concerts, school events etc won’t be happening; church services (now what have they to do with ‘Christmas’?) will still be restricted (we presume); there won’t be office parties etc etc. But some kind of family gatherings can happen. While the media waxes lyrical on ‘Christmas’ being saved, we need to remember that it doesn’t make a lot of difference for quite a number of people: some would be on their own anyway, some don’t have family, or don’t see family because of some rift, and the emphasis on ‘being with family’ only makes the sense of loneliness and isolation worse; some struggle financially, and the pressure to spend money, and be seen to spend, only makes it worse. Let’s remember them as we plan our celebrations


Lord, help us to remember those who are alone, those who are lonely, those struggling with broken relationships, those struggling financially. Help us to do what we can to support them 

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