Thought for the day 25 November

25 November International Day for the elimination of violence against women

Violence against women is understood by the UN to encompass a range of actions including psychological, physical and sexual violence. It can be carried out in the home, or in the wider culture, it can be by family members or complete strangers. Essentially the special day affirms that women are not ‘property’ but people; they are not in some sense ‘inferior’ to men, but have equal value; and that violence (of whatever kind) should not be used against anyone


Lord, violence towards women probably occurs in every country and culture. Some may not realise that the way they treat women (whether strangers or family members) constitutes ‘violence’, others certainly do. Help us all to recognise when we act or speak in ways that do not fully respect another person’s humanity or worth, that they are someone made in your image and loved and valued by you. Where individuals or cultures have serious issues with regard to violence, may they be confronted and changed

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