Thought for the day 4 December

4 December

Earlier this week we heard that approval had been given to use the first of the Covid-19 vaccines, and plans are in place to begin the massive task of vaccinating people next week. That is really encouraging news, and we appreciate all the work that has gone into it, with countries and scientists co-operating for the good of us all. Listening to some of the media commentators and headline-writers it would appear that by Easter all restrictions will be lifted and life will return to what we knew before March 2020. Aye right! Even if the target of 1 million vaccinations per week is achieved (remembering that people require two doses), given the size of the UK population not everyone will be inoculated in the next fifteen weeks; when you are inoculated you may be at a low risk of catching the disease, but you could still be a carrier to someone not yet inoculated; people will be coming in and out of the UK from countries where there is no vaccination programme in place; and scientists do not yet know whether a) in the short or long term the virus will die out or simply remain dormant, ready to reappear or b) whether the anti-bodies remain in our systems, making us permanently resistant to Covid-19, or need to be topped up annually. So maybe physical distancing, face masks etc could be with us for a bit longer: and if you say that you face being criticised for being negative. When will we drop the hyperbole and false expectations, and start having honest, open discussion about the future?


Lord, we long for truth, openness and honesty. We give thanks for those who have worked on developing this and other vaccines, and for those who will distribute them. Help us to discuss openly and behave responsibly regarding life after vaccinations


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