Thought for the day 12 January

Yesterday we reflected on some of the frustrations, disappointments and anger caused by pandemic restrictions in place last year – and some of the unexpected things that we did instead. Let’s move on today, and think about 2021, and how we’ll handle this year’s restrictions. Have another sheet of paper to hand. Make three lists:

·         The ‘need to do‘ things – Spring cleaning, taking unwanted things to the charity shop/ Nearly New sale/ tip, identifying what will need redecorated/ replaced, what will need done in the garden, noting when birthdays are that require cards and/or presents etc

·         The ‘wish list‘, all the things that we would like to do this year (if there were no restrictions) – see family and friends, go for meals out (list the venues if you can), places to go on holiday, places to visit, concerts/ plays/ dances, sports to participate in/ watch etc

·         The ‘plan for 2021‘ list, things that can be done in 2021 even with restrictions in place – books to read, things to watch, hobbies to take up or hone, skills to acquire, people to phone/ write to/ e-mail, targets for exercise each day/week/month (yes, you did read that right!), plans for indoor and outdoor gardening etc (if you made a list yesterday of the new things that you did do last year, consult it and see what could be carried over from last year to this)

When you have made your list, pin it up somewhere like the fridge, and keep looking at it. Mark off when you do things. Congratulate yourself and celebrate when you’ve done them. And if you manage to do anything from the ‘wish list’ have a double celebration


Lord, it is sometimes hard to motivate ourselves when every day seems the same. Help us to get up and going, to do things for our own well-being, to think of the well-being of others (and what we can do to help it), and working to your plan for the year too


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