Thought for the day 29 January


Vaccines and vaccinations have been in the news a lot lately: how are governments in Britain performing against the targets for vaccinating priority groups; should teachers, police, transport workers and other ‘front line’ staff become priority groups; the development of another vaccine; and the dispute between Astra Zeneca and the European Union. All important issues, all issues on which we may have views, but in many cases issues on which we do not have access to key information. There is another question, which is asked, but not addressed very often by people in government here or elsewhere: what about vaccines for those in middle and low-income countries, where healthcare and hygiene systems are much less developed than in high income countries, and where in many cases there is suspicion of or hostility to ‘Western medicine’?


Lord, we ask for your guidance and blessing on those planning and carrying out the vaccination programmes here, and for resolution of disputes so that supply does not get caught up in politics. We pray too that leaders in high income countries will remember the need for vaccinations in middle and low income countries, and plan an inclusive way forward that embraces everyone on the planet


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