Thought for the day 17 February

17           Ash Wednesday

The First Minister indicated yesterday that she will announce a ‘revised strategic framework’ for exiting lockdown next week – what the media usually call a roadmap or routemap. We’ll have to wait till then to see what the triggers will be, the order in which different sectors might re-open, and what restrictions will stay in place. However the indication that remaining school pupils will not return before 15 March and the advice that people should not plan to book Easter holidays suggests that the easing of restrictions will be slow, and not particularly soon. Looking at the weekly positive test rates per 100,000 of population – yesterday West Dunbartonshire was third highest in Scotland with 218.1 [source: BBC] – it is probably no surprise that restrictions will stay in place for longer. But it is hard! We are all struggling to cope, especially through the winter. All that we can do is try to help and support each other, and take all necessary steps to limit the virus’ spread


Lord, we do wish the infection rates would come down across the country – for all sorts of reasons. In our heads we can understand why restrictions have to stay in place, but in our hearts we want to be able to meet up with people and do the things we used to do. Help us to cope. Help us to help other people to cope


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