Thought for the day 22 February

22 Guide Thinking Day

Today is Guide Thinking Day. The last twelve months have been hard for all youth organisations and their leaders, who have worked hard to keep them going. Today is an opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for the incredible amount of work that the leaders have been doing over the past year. There have been Zoom meetings, virtual sleepovers (which the leaders say are great, because when they say ‘right, time for bed now girls’, they simply press the Exit button, and getting them to sleep is the parent or guardian’s problem, not theirs. They have had to cope with church, Girlguiding and government regulations (with sometimes confusion created by different rules in England and Scotland)  and with West Dunbartonshire changing its Tier-ing. So thanks to all leaders in all our Guiding units and good wishes to all our guides, brownies and rainbows, as you have fun, and try to keep your promises.


Lord, thank you for all the members of the Guide, Brownie and Rainbow units. May they continue to have fun, enjoy what they are doing, and learn both skills and about life. Thank you too for the leaders and all the work they have been doing. May they feel fully supported in what they do. Help all members of the Guiding family to keep their promises


On Tuesday 29 May 1789 Burns and friends continued down the Great North Road from Morpeth to Newcastle – then still a walled town with defensive ditch      St Andrew’s Church probably dates from the 12th century, and is said to have been founded by King David I of Scotland (who held portions of Northern England at that time). The composer Charles Avison is buried there



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