Thought for the day 24 February


The First Minister indicated in Parliament yesterday the framework for easing Covid-19 restrictions in Scotland – though at the moment there is still a lot of detail to be finalised. We heard about schools, care homes, outdoor meetings, shops – and maybe churches. At some point we should go from Enhanced Level 4 to Level 4, and then at the end of April hopefully go to Level 3. It is encouraging, but it would be nice to know more, to know for sure when some things can happen. We know why governments have to be cautious, having seen the spikes last summer and around Christmas, but living with uncertainty is hard. The beginning of April, let alone the end, is still quite a way ahead – and media waxing lyrical on the earlier re-opening in England don’t help. Feeling sorry for ourselves won’t help us either. We see the challenge ahead, we see others struggling, we have to help each other reach those goals – and not go mad when the restrictions are eased


Lord, it’s like climbing a hill, thinking you’re getting near the top, and when you reach the ridge you discover there’s another one ahead. Keeping going is hard for all of us. Help us to manage to do it, and help us to help each other when we begin to struggle


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