Thought for the day 16 March

16           Young Carers Action Day

A Young Carer is someone under 18 who cares for another person – picks up mum’s prescription, dresses dad, takes their little sister to school. That is in addition to studying for exams, looking after themselves, and not losing sight of their dreams – and they have had to live through all the restrictions of the last year. It is reckoned that there are 800,000 Young Carers aged 5-17 caring for an adult or family member in the UK. 1/3 of them have reported having a mental health problem. 27% of young carers aged 11-15 miss or have difficulties at school due to their caring responsibilities. Today is a day marked by various children’s charities as a way of highlighting the issues, and the work they do to provide advice and support to Young Carers


Lord, we acknowledge the work done by Young Carers across the country and in our own community, and that we are often oblivious to it. We give thanks for those who provide advice and support, may they have all the resources they need. Inspire decision-makers to recognise the issues affecting Young Carers, and respond accordingly in public policy

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