Thought for the day 23 April


Today would have been William Shakespeare’s birthday. Most of us probably studied at least one of his plays at school – and, if we are honest, probably didn’t really appreciate it/them much, as going round the class reading a line or two did absolutely nothing to bring the play to life. Yet many people, when they have seen a live production, or watched a version of it on the screen, have suddenly found the comedy, the tragedy, the connection with their own experience of life. Over the past year teaching has been disrupted (despite the best endeavours of teachers), and live performances have not been able to happen. Let’s hope that over the coming months teaching is able to go forward on a more even keel, and that live performances resume so that we can once again fully appreciate plays, concerts, operas, ballets etc in the setting for which they are intended


Lord, we express our thanks to all teachers for their work, particularly over the last year. We express our thanks too to all performers for their work in entertaining, inspiring and challenging us – and are conscious of the pressures many have been under, not able to engage in live performances. Inspire all who are involved in the re-opening of this area of life


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