Thought for the day 27 April

27 National gardening week (26 April -2 May)

Over the past year many people turned to their gardens in a completely new way, lavishing them with attention they hadn’t had in years. Work that was on the ‘to do’ list got done, colourful displays will brought on, seeds were planted and tended for plants and vegetables, cuttings were taken and lovingly cared for. Amid all the stress of the pandemic restrictions, the garden was a place that many people could go to, gardening was something positive and creative that they could do. The Royal Horticultural Society’s National Gardening Week this year is promoting the scientific evidence for links between gardening and well-being. Even on a cold wet day like today doing something in the garden – or even just taking in the colours of new Spring growth – is good for us. But let’s also remember those who don’t have gardens, those who are not physically able to tend gardens. As a country and community, beginning to develop our plans for ‘building back’, let’s remember the importance to our well-being of ‘green spaces’, and consider how we can include those without gardens, those not physically able to tend gardens, in enjoying the benefits


Lord, many cultures over many centuries have recognised the specialness of gardens as places to calm and cheer the soul. We have been reminded of it particularly over the past year. Help us to appreciate and give thanks for all gardens – whether our own, our neighbours’ or public ones. Help us all to ensure that the benefits of gardens and green spaces for our well-being are something for everyone to enjoy


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