Thought for the day 10 May

10 Christian Aid Week (10-16) Rising sea levels

Christian Aid Week this year is focussing on Climate Change and Climate Justice. One of the effects of Climate Change is the melting of the polar ice caps, and rising sea levels. Countries like the Maldives and some of the Pacific coral atoll nations are worried about their very existence if levels rise as threatened. It is very serious for them, but it isn’t just a problem for ‘far away places’. We have seen flooding at the Quay, in Knoxland, on the A82 at Milton, on the rail line to Helensburgh – and that’s without high winds driving in large waves. What would Dumbarton be like if sea levels rose, say, 2metres/7 feet? How many houses, shops, leisure facilities (football ground, Meadow Centre), public buildings (Council Offices, Knoxland School etc), road and rail links might be affected? (and if you live somewhere else and follow this, how might your community, or your favourite seaside place, be affected?)


Lord, Climate Change affects all of us. Help us to be aware of the ways in which it affects us, and be ready to speak out demanding action before it’s too late

PS Achiltibuie and Ben More Coigach, Wester Ross


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