Thought for the day 29 May


Vaccine roll-out versus variant spread is a phrase that had been mentioned by several politicians or scientists over the last couple of days. Roll out of the vaccine helps protect people from the spread of the Covid virus, particularly thinking about the variant first spotted in India. In Scotland we have seen Glasgow remain in Level 3 (and don’t we remember how we felt when we went into restrictions last Autumn, while other areas were still free to do much more?). Questions are being asked about whether we will move to Level 1 on 7 June as originally hoped. And in England there is talk of some restrictions staying in place on 21 June. The virus doesn’t have a brain, but at times it seems to behave as if it is a very clever operator trying to be one step ahead of us all the time. Those who take the decisions on relaxing or imposing restrictions have difficult decisions to make, taking into account public health, the demand on the Health Service, jobs and livelihoods, education, childcare – and how they try to counter the sensationalist headlines of media commentators. Meanwhile there are many, many people in other countries who do not have access to the healthcare or vaccines available here. This pandemic is by no means over yet


Lord, help us to appreciate the challenges faced by decision-makers, businesses, families etc, and be ready to offer help and support. Help us to remember the difficult situations faced by many people in other countries, who do not have access to healthcare or vaccines. Inspire world leaders to take positive steps to support them


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