Thought for the day 31 May

31 Garden wildlife week (31-6/6)

This is apparently Garden wildlife week. I know some folk in Dumbarton and the Vale have deer that come and eat their flowers, some have squirrels that cause trouble. We have occasional visits from our friendly local hedgehog that seems to be doing its stuff with the snails and slugs. Mixed approaches to mammals in the garden. But we can also have birds, and insects. If the latter are midges we aren’t keen on them (though some birds and bats will enjoy them for lunch or dinner) but bees and other pollinators are important for our flowers and fruit/vegetables. The whole eco-system fits together. It’s hard to say ‘we’ll have bees and hedgehogs, but not midges, slugs and deer’. We need the first group, so we have to put up with the second. It all adds to the rich diversity of life in Dumbarton and the Vale.

(PS I wonder what they say about the rich diversity of human life locally?)


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