Thought for the day 5 June

Many people have had the experience of ending a visit to an elderly relative with ‘Well, see you next week’, and receiving the response ‘if I’m spared’. There is some element of that in the air as we wake up this morning to many in Scotland moving to a lower Level of Covid restrictions. We are encouraged to hear of the continuing progress with vaccinating the country, and talk of further easing of restrictions. Yet we also hear of concerns about rising numbers of infections linked to the Delta variant, and the possible one found in Nepal (Alpha-Delta or Epsilon or whatever), and saw the changes to foreign travel and the break put on much of the Central Belt moving into Level 1. The data on the way forward is uncertain. The danger is that the message is seen as confusing and people either ‘do their own thing’ or become angry and resentful when restrictions get tightened/ don’t relax as originally envisaged


Lord, we appreciate the opportunity to do so much more than we could a couple of months ago. We know what we would like the next steps to be, and some of the data suggests that we could head in that direction, but other data suggests the need for caution, or maybe even steps in the opposite direction. It is confusing for us, and very frustrating for some whose livelihoods/ childcare arrangements etc are affected. Help us to live with uncertainty, and to treat decision-makers with respect. Help those who have to look at all the data and make decisions affecting others


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