Christmas Day Service, 25 December 2021


A boy has been born for us

a child has been given to us

and his name shall be called

Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God,

Eternal Father, the Prince of Peace.

Once we walked in darkness

now we have seen a great light

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Hymn           310 Hark the herald angels sing


Loving God

We thank you for this day

 for the fun and excitement

 for our presents and cards

 for special food and parties

 for all the people we see and hear from

  at this time of year

but most of all we thank you for your present to us:

 your Son Jesus

          he shows us how much you love us

            how special we are to you

          he shows us how you want us to live

          he learned what it is like to be human

            the things that make us happy, sad, angry, worried, unsure

and we know that, though we cannot see him,

 he is always with us, through your Spirit

helping us to follow you

ready to forgive us when we do things wrong

 when we forget you

As Jesus came so long ago

 and was welcomed into the lives of Mary and Joseph

 and into their family

help us today to welcome him into our lives

 and our families

Reading        Luke 2: 1-20

Hymn           314 Child in the manger


Child in the manger

infant of Mary

If you get a religious-themed Christmas card there’s a good chance that the picture will include the stable and the baby in the manger. The stable always looks beautifully clean and tidy. Mary looks the picture of health, with not a hair out of place, her skin is so clear and well-toned, and she always looks so pious and holy – never harassed, tired, about to burst into tears. The new-born child smiles so gracefully. They don’t need to pace the floor with him.

Living as we do in the Twenty First Century we tend to be a bit sniffy about Mary having her baby in a stable, and lying him down in a manger. Think of the dirt, the animal mess, the flies and bugs, the vermin, all those germs that he could pick up, or she could pick up. Actually, I daresay many folk at the time of Jesus’ birth, as many folk around the world today, wouldn’t find having a baby in a stable, and placing him in a manger, as shocking as we do. Some might even wish that they could have such privacy and comfort when giving birth.

What did she think as she sat and looked at her Baby? Did she reflect on the theological significance of the Incarnation? Did she marvel that the one who caused all that exists to come into being, who led the Hebrew tribes from captivity in Egypt, who spoke words of comfort and challenge through the prophets, was currently sucking away before needing changed? Did she wonder what lay ahead for her wee one? Was she like most mums of any age, and worrying about every conceivable thing that could happen to him?

Jesus wasn’t born among the poorest folk, or those living in the most awful conditions, but he could relate to many issues that people then and now face day by day: prejudice, being a refugee, abuse, experiencing worry about money and food, the highs and lows of family, friends and neighbours, living with fears about disease and disability, crime, trouble from the authorities. He knew what it was to be an outcast and stranger.

He was to be king, to be Lord of all, but he wasn’t born in palace like other kings and princes. He didn’t enjoy the luxury and privilege that they had. But though he lacked the wealth and splendour that they had, he maybe had something much more precious than all their gold and jewels: he grew up surrounded by the love of Mary and Joseph, and of course of God. We may or may not have received lots of presents today, but we too share that wonderful gift of being loved, by others and by God. And God wants us to share that love, so that others experience it too. It’s not just about putting on a smiley face and saying nice things. It’s about doing things for others, treating them in ways that enable them to know what God’s love is like.

worthy our Saviour

of all their praises

happy for ever

are his own.

Hymn           313 See in yonder manger low

Prayer for others and Lord’s Prayer

The angel said: Do not be afraid!

Peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased!

Loving Father

Your love was so great that you gave us your Son

Your love is so great that every moment of every day

 your Spirit is working to bring the peace the angel promised

Make us channels of your peace

We pray for those who are not celebrating today:

 because of illness

 because of worry and concern for someone close

 because of being alone and lonely

 because of sad circumstances

 because they are hungry, cold or have nothing

 because they are afraid for their lives

We pray for all the places that need the peace the angel promised

We pray that the leaders of the world will work for justice and peace

We pray for your worldwide family as they seek to share

  your love, your peace, your Good News

and we sum up our prayers in in the words of the prayer Jesus gave us

Hymn 306 O come all ye faithful


May the joy of the angels

the humility of the shepherds

and the peace of the Christ-child

be God’s gift to you and all people

And the blessing…

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