Thought for the day 22 April

Waverley Near Dumbarton Rock

It is always easy to criticise what politicians here or abroad do or don’t do. If we are honest, no matter how good we are as ‘armchair experts’, we couldn’t do their jobs. Maybe they have made mistakes, maybe they should have done things differently – there will be a time for reviewing what was done, and what can be learned from mistakes. At the minute front-line workers and those under ‘lockdown’ don’t need arguments, politics or uncertainty. They want to feel that there is unity and focus among those taking the decisions – in an area that is entirely new territory for all of us.

Lord, we pray for politicians and scientific/medical advisers, and all others involved in making plans and taking decisions at the moment. Guide them in the way forward, forgive them for mistakes, and help them to focus on the task in hand, not reputations, or politics or whatever

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