Thought for the day 21 April

Today is the Queen’s birthday. I don’t know if she will get cake, but she won’t be celebrating it with the family, except on the phone or online. Many people will be having birthdays or anniversaries during the lockdown, and won’t be able to celebrate them as they would have wished. At the end of each month in church we sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to all those who have birthdays that month, express good wishes to those with wedding anniversaries, and assure others with ‘other kinds of anniversaries’ that they have our love and support. Especially at this time let’s remember people’s ‘special days’ and at least phone them up or send a text/ e-mail/ card/ letter.

Lord, every day is special with you, but for us certain days in the year have special significance. We ask your blessing on all who have birthdays or wedding anniversaries. We pray for those with ‘other kinds of anniversaries’ that they will know that your love and our love are with them

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