Community Prayer Diary Week Commencing 19 April

Secondary Schools

Summer term is usually a very stressful time for many secondary school pupils, with exams, worries about grades, about what will happen when they leave school. There will be no exams this year – grades will be worked out from a mixture of Prelim results and teachers’ expectations. It is hard for all concerned.

  • We pray for the pupils who will be disappointed that the outcome will be less favourable than they hoped
  • We pray for the staff required to take important decisions which could have a major impact on the lives of their pupils
  • We pray for those who will be leaving school – some to university or college, some to paid work, some to nothing as yet. Help them to have confidence in themselves as they step forward

Meanwhile teaching goes on for the rest of the pupils: online for some, in school for others

  • Be with those who are moving into new areas of responsibility after the summer – help them to cope and grow into their new roles
  • Be with those who are supposed to be working from home – help them to keep themselves motivated, and to cope with a different working environment
  • We give thanks for the opportunities for young people to develop in many different areas including music, art, drama, sport etc, and pray that they will manage to maintain their skills during the extended absence from school
  • Be with all staff as they work in this stressful environment
  • Be with families and friends too

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