Thought for the day 20 April

For many families, being together all day, especially during the school holidays, has been a new experience – a time for bonding, for doing things together as a family. Though in some cases the novelty is wearing off! In other families, however, being in lockdown with other members of the family is a very hard to cope with (especially if it is in a small space like a flat with no garden). There may be rising stress and tension, arguments and we have heard reports that there has been an increase in domestic violence (perhaps also abuse).

Lord, thank you for the times when families have been able to enjoy doing things together, may they be times that they will always treasure. We pray for patience as understanding on all sides, as the novelty of lockdown wears off. We pray too for those families where being together brings stress, tension, and maybe violence or abuse

PS if anyone knows of Helplines designed to assist families struggling to cope with the stresses of being confined together, please feel free to share them on this page

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