Thought for the day 18 April

It has been a lovely warm and sunny afternoon in Dumbarton. It would be easy to think ‘I wish we weren’t in lockdown. I wish we could have gone to…’ But we can’t, so there’s no point in grumbling! Let’s appreciate a nice sunny afternoon, let’s reflect on how lucky we are that so many of us can see the river(s), the hills or even the Ben, and many of us have (or can see) gardens in flower. Let’s appreciate what we have got, not what we haven’t, and think of those who don’t have such things (eg those who live in City Centres)

Lord, we give thanks for the beautiful world on our doorstep. Help us to appreciate what we have, rather than lament what we haven’t. Help us to think of those who do not have the blessings we have

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